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First of all, you can write: ”I love you, babe” as I guess that’s almost no Italians that don’t understand the meaning of it. If you really want to say it in Italian, then, the translation is depending on the context: * you mean: “I care of you”.What's the Italian word for babe? Here's a list of translations. Italian Translation. bambino. More Italian words for babe. il bambino noun. child, baby, kid, bairn, kiddy. il bimbo noun Babe in italian.How to Say “Lover” in Italian: Innamorato / Innamorata. The word lover covers two meanings in English: either someone who is in love or whom you are in love with, or, well… a lover in an intimate way. In Italian, innamorato/a describes the first type of lover, while amante stands for the second.Context sentences for "babe" in Italian These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. is not responsible for their content. English This is the spruce Gran Picea, which at 9,550 years is a mere babe in the woods. Babe in italian.

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